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Ace Network Stack

Ace Network is being built with neither the need to re-invent the wheel nor introducing completely new technologies like yet-another-blockchain or yet-another-consensus-algorithm. Our goal is a safe and robust network that would satisfy all needs of Ace Stream DAO, which is perfectly feasible by combining the technologies listed below.

Ace Stream

Backbone technology for the whole network, P2P communication layer optimised for low latency and high throughput streaming.


Well-known distributed ledger implementation used in Ace Network to store and transfer crypto-assets (reasons why Stellar fits Ace Stream's needs the best, and other technical details are available in Network Architecture)


The veteran project of the P2P area had absorbed plenty of nuances associated with implementation and using P2P software. Ace Stream utilizes some of Tribler’s great features like:

  • P2P overlay network (Tribler’s IPv8)
  • distributed database
  • distributed traffic accounting
  • detecting malicious actions and actors (fake data, double-spending attempts, etc.)