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Ace Stream DAO

Ace Stream – an international project to create a decentralised media platform which was actively developed in 2013 under the programme of business initiatives and with financial support from the European Union.

Over 30 million active users and around 50 thousand new installations of Ace Stream software per day (applications for desktop, mobile, stb, browser plugins). And all this at the stage of solely the most basic applications and functions implementation, without any marketing/advertising costs and without any financial incentives and motivation of the Network Participants! (Detailed information, by audience ...)

Ace Stream DAO marks the next planned development stage of the Ace Stream project which has already become the world's most popular decentralised solution for online streaming using P2P (peer to peer) technology

Term: DAO (decentralised autonomic organisation) — it is a complex form of smart contracts in which the rules of a decentralised organisation are written in the contract code and the management takes place through tokens

Ace Stream DAO — it is a decentralised platform with multiple friendly services and apps which are based on paradigm of divided system without dependance on the connection to central control servers

The Ace Stream DAO ecosystem is based on blockchain technology and has no owners in the traditional sense and anyway it belongs to the public

An open and completely decentralised Network with Onion Routing, with a search engine and DApps, in the form of an add-on over the Internet (second-level Internet network) which cannot be blocked or have restricted access to its content without blocking the Internet itself

The software operates in a decentralised open network with a transparent economy which is based on established software algorithms presented in public smart contracts (open software codes) with complete decentralisation of the regulation of relations, management mechanisms and mutual settlements between its Participants.Ace Stream DAO rules are followed by the protocol itself (program code), actors and social consensus of its Users / Participants.

No individual can influence the work of Ace Stream DAO!

We make the impossible possible!

Key technologies

Ace Stream – a decentralised technology of P2P comms, storage and delivery of multimedia data focused on online broadcasting.

P2P Search – an open system of indexation and searching for content in decentralised network

Ace Network (further on: Network) – it is a self-regulated decentralised network with open source for dealing with digital assets.

Ace Services - a platform for creating decentralised services/apps (DApps)

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Relevance of Ace Stream DAO Solutions

1. Carbon-negative!

Ace Stream is a decentralized multimedia network with an environmentally friendly data storage and delivery system that reduces the overall global CO2 emissions and protects the environment from the huge damage caused by the centralized streaming industry and unicast technologies.

About 80% of the Internet resources and data centers work for the streaming industry to provide only about 1% of the users' real needs in online viewing. Accordingly, in order to cover the bandwidth deficit using standard methods it is necessary to increase the capacity of the centralized infrastructure hundreds of times. At the same time, the ICT industry already accounts from 3 to 4% of global CO2 emissions (according to BCG) and among them ¼ falls directly on data centers/CDN to ensure the processing, storage and delivery of video content

The "Carbon Negative" effect is achieved by reducing the load from international backbones/data centers/CDNs and redistributing it between devices of content consumers that do not carry any additional energy load. As a result, when someone consumes content through Ace Stream, instead of alternatively consuming content through centralized services, there is a decrease in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, because if Ace Stream P2P technology is not used, then this content will be consumed in any case and in equivalent volumes, but only through unicast technologies with corresponding to such technologies CO2 emissions

1 hour of video viewing in the decentralized Ace Stream network through P2P technology, instead of alternative viewing video through the centralized online-services and unicast technologies, decreases the CO2 emissions into atmosphere for 131 g on average that equals for the average monthly decarbonization rate of one conifer and deciduous tree (86 g and 143 g of carbon capture, one conifer and deciduous tree, respectively) that has been grown for 10 years.

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2. Decentralized network with incredible multimedia capabilities

Total immersion into multimedia and metaverse with Ace Stream DAO products and solutions:

  • The embodiment of ideas and requests from the multi-million audience of Ace Stream in the decentralized media browser Ace Surf
  • Web3 (DApps, decentralization of communications, data storage and transmission)
  • Simple and efficient search for multimedia content with the decentralized metasearch system Ace Search
  • Convenient content cataloging and full-featured media server
  • Smart TV and interactive broadcasts, AR, VR and 360°
  • The highest level of stability in online broadcasts and the best audiovisual content quality
  • Wide range of social and multimedia options
  • Internet accelerator
  • Unique decentralized bonus and reward system for viewers

Television of future here!

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3. The solution for the "subscriptions fatigue" problem

Function «Ace ID» allows content providers and OTT services to instantly provide access to its content on the terms of one-time payment access or on the terms of per-minute tariff automatically receiving payment without need to register/identify users and refill balances on their services/resources.

Service «Premium Pool» allows any content providers and OTT services to form pools with a single general subscription to their services getting rid from the need to buy subscription services for each separate OTT service.

The amount paid by the user for a single general subscription to the pool members services is proportionally distributed among its members, based on the percentage of the total time spent by the user on viewing the content of one or another pool member (for which the calculation is being made), in relation to the total time spent by him to view content from other members of the pool for the estimated period of time.

The distribution of funds and payments are carried out in a decentralised manner and in an automatic mode, in accordance with the terms of a smart contract (a completely open and transparent system, without any possibilities of manual control and interference in its work).

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4. Green CDN with unlimited bandwidth and the lowest cost of storage and data delivery in the world

Unprecedented capabilities and characteristics of Ace Stream P2P CDN:

  • Elimination at the software level of a 100-fold shortage of Internet bandwidth which equals to 200,000 Tbps
  • Maintenance of quality level and broadcast stability on a par with satellite broadcasting with much greater coverage/reach
  • Decrease in online broadcasting costs up to 99.9%, in relation to standard/centralised CDN
  • Reliable and trouble-free network
  • Transparency of traffic accounting and convenience of mutual settlements
  • Carbon-negative
  • Exit from the "flat internet"

Simple Math for the assessment of Ace Stream P2P CDN

Multiply the capacity (bandwidth) of all existing centralised CDNs by 100 and you get a digit corresponding to the bandwidth of Ace Stream P2P CDN

Divide the cost of centralised CDN services by 100 and you get the cost of Ace Stream P2P CDN

Multiply by 0 the carbon footprint of the data centers/CDNs that support the streaming industry and you'll find out how much decarbonization an Ace Stream P2P CDN can achieve and the environmental benefits it brings.

Look at the capitalization of the largest centralized CDNs, compare the above indicators with their similar indicators, and you will be able to assess the investment attractiveness of Ace Stream P2P CDN.

An example

The bandwidth of Akamai, the world's largest CDN operator, at the time of the company's capitalisation in $11.14 billion, was about 80 Tbps which is many times less than the bandwidth of Ace Stream P2P CDN!

At the same time it is also necessary to take into account all the costs, restrictions and problems inherent in centralised (unicast) CDNs and which are not in P2P CDN.

And of course, be sure to take into account the amount of electricity used or the bandwidth of the CDN operator, and multiply them by the corresponding values (0.38 kg CO2 per 1 kWh and 1 GB ~ 0.072 kWh, respectively) to find out the level of carbon footprint of this centralized CDN in comparison with Ace Stream P2P CDN.

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5. "Ace Assets" incentive program

Ace Assets is a DeFi incentive program for Ace Stream DAO members

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6. 100% backed tokens and algorithmic stablecoin

Ace Byte (XAB) is a native system token backed by: an Internet channel with a bandwidth of over 200,000 Tbps; premium content and all services of the Ace Network.

Ace Stream Token (AST) is a token purposed to manage network protocols and backed by the assets of Ace Stream DAO which gives the right to participate in the distribution of system tokens (XAB) and fees received by Ace Stream DAO for the services provided by the Network.

Ace Time (XAT) is an algorithmic internal system token backed by the amount of traffic consumed in relation to one hour of content playback.

7. Effective monetisation of linear television on Internet and decentralised networks

The Ace Stream DAO set of tools for television channels allows broadcasting on the Internet with the following rate: AARPU (Average Ad Revenue per User) - from $ 13.68 to $ 136.8 per year, depending on the distribution of the audience by region

The average AARPU rate for TV (according to international analytics services) over 40$ per year

For example to compare


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8. Global decentralized betting platform

This is a place where anyone can become a bookmaker, and existing bookmakers can significantly expand their reach by extending their betting lines to the multi-million audience of Ace Stream.

The decentralized prediction market of the Ace Network makes it possible to trade outcomes of any events and make unlimited bets on sports, economy, world events and much more, with a 100% guarantee for performance of participants' obligations.

There is no dependency on geo-location and no need to pass tedious registration and verification procedures.

The best odds, bets and predictions in one click, in live streams.

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9. Decentralised messengers, video calls and social networks

Fully decentralised and extremely secured communication system which cannot be blocked or somehow restricted by anyone or anything.

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10. Unique and effective solution to deal with "pirate" content in P2P-networks

Legal Torrent Stream (LTS) – a system of legalisation and monetisation of content in peer (P2P, peer to peer) networks.

The copyright holder will receive payment for every minute of the content playback belonging to him when using Ace Stream technologies, regardless of who and how distributes the content and also regardless of what sites/services, in what applications and on what devices Internet users will reproduce it.

Uncompromising compromise!

The problem of mass unlicensed content distribution cannot be resolved without the use of content legalisation mechanisms in the world's most popular decentralised online broadcasting network which is actively gaining growth and is globally used by all types of broadcasters to stream unlicensed broadcasts, along with the absence of the possibility of blocking such broadcasts in any way!

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11. Stimulation and motivation

Automatic reward for users and partners of Network:

  • for providing the Network with its hardware and network resources;
  • for posting and distribution of high quality content;
  • for developing and creating your own apps and services;
  • for distribution Ace Stream DAO apps (for apps dev, OEMs)
  • for content moderation in the Network
  • for viewing ads
  • for taking part in DeFi programs

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12. Anonymity and Privacy

  • Ace Proxy - proxy and anonymizer structurally similar to Tor

  • Ace ID - identificator of the user in the Network which does not reveal any personal data.

  • Ace External Secure ID - a virtual user ID (is only created voluntarily by the willing of the user) to be able to automatically pass through KYC procedures on those services where it is required (for example: exchanges, betting, etc.), with full control over your personal data.

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13. Advertising platforms without negativity, with unique audience and the most effective ad formats

Ace Stream DAO includes software products which generate ad inventory and are platforms for placing advertising materials.

100% guarantee there will be no user negativity when viewing ads

Lack of negativity towards the advertiser is achieved by rewarding users for viewing ads and by giving the user full control over ad impressions (similar to the model implemented and well-tested in the Brave browser).

Ads formats, ad Inventory volumes and its cost when the target of 100 mil active monthly users is achieved:

  • Search contextual advertising

    The predicted annual ad inventory volume when reaching the target in 1000 mil active monthly users in the Ace Search app for 2023 y is 3,74 billion $

    AARPU (Average Ad Revenue per User) - 37,4$ (Desktop+Mobile), in 2023 y

  • TV ads (commercials in the linear TV)

    The predicted annual ad inventory volume – 684 101 250 000 views with total value from 1, 36 billion $ (CPT 2$) to 13, 68 billions $ (CPT 20$) depending on regional audience distribution.

    The cost of posting an ad video, CPT (price per 1000 contacts): in Russia - $2, in Eastern Europe - $4, in North America - $29, average in the world - $20. (According to agency "Initiative" which is part of ADV group)

    Average number of ad impressions per user - 6,841 per year

    AARPU (Average Ad Revenue per User) - from 13,68$ to 136,8$ per year, depending on regional audience distribution

  • In-stream video ads

    The predicted annual volume of advertising inventory, when reaching the target of 100 million users of the Ace Surf browser as well as other basic Ace Stream DAO products - 131.4 billion impressions, with a total value of $ 657 million, with an average CPM of $ 5

    Average number of ad impressions per user - 1314 per year.

    AARPU (Average Ad Revenue per User) - 6,57$ (Desktop+Mobile) per year

  • Other ad formats such as “branding”, “notifications” and “system message advertisements” that will not annoy the user but will work effectively for the advertiser

    The predicted annual volume of advertising inventory – 150 billions impressions with a total amount of 450 mil.$ with an average CPM 3$.

    Average number of ad impressions per user - 1500 per year

    AARPU (Average Ad Revenue per User) - 4,5$ (Desktop+Mobile) per year

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14. Ace Stream DAO platforms for affiliate programs

In addition to the ability for users to view advertisements for a reward, users of the Ace Surf, Ace Search and Ace Script products will also receive rewards for various actions, according to the CPA (Cost per Action) model. For example, for the purchase of goods/services, for registration etc. Also, users will be provided with various promo codes, coupons and discounts.

Directions of affiliate programs:

  • Goods
  • Services
  • Trips
  • Sport events
  • Stock markets/Exchanges
  • Games/Entertainment

Expected ARPPU per month upon joining to affiliate programs - from 5 to 10$

Expected level of audience engagement – 35% from all the users per month

Term "audience engagement" means the user`s action in any of affiliate program for which a reward is paid

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