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Ace Network - the decentralized network that everyone needs!

Who needs Ace Stream DAO and Ace Network and why?

Content providers

Advantages brought by adopting Ace Stream technologies are including but not limited to:

  • improve the quality of broadcasting and expand the capabilities of their services
  • significantly cut of CDN costs
  • scale up properly and remove bandwidth limits
  • expand their services onto Ace Stream audience
  • cut billing costs and improve accounting accuracy by engaging distributed decentralized traffic accounting which is an integral part of Ace Stream ecosystem
  • adding cryptocurrencies to their funding options
  • decrease losses from "subscription fatigue" effect
  • significantly reduce moderation costs by delegating it to the community

General public (Internet users)

The vast majority of the internet audiences would like to have a single-stop point to search and watch multimedia content with the best quality possible and with no hassle, thank you very much. This is exactly what Ace Stream delivers. Apart from that, it allows every user to broadcast their own content (for free or commercially) and to use their hardware to improve network services in exchange for some profit in system tokens.

When desired, either content broadcasting and consumption could be confidential when Ace Stream's onion routing mechanisms are engaged.

From their point of view Ace Stream gives a possibility to expand their business without sacrificing existing business models. Embedded money system sets off many limits brought by national specifics of access to payment systems.

To solve problems related to the distribution of unlicensed content, as well as to generate additional sources of income, without damage to the existing ones:

  • new and previously unavailable markets, in the form of decentralised P2P networks with multimillion audiences
  • effective mechanisms to fight against the spread of unlicensed content in decentralised P2P networks, through its legalisation and monetisation
  • emissions of digital assets secured by the rights of access to content in order to be able to attract additional capital through new sources of funding (for example, such as crypto-exchanges and other sources working with crypto-assets and their derivatives)
  • reducing the chain of intermediaries
  • transmitting of content to consumers directly with no additional cost

Device manufacturers and software developers

Who want to provide their users with the unique capabilities of the Ace Network services and receive additional income through Ace Stream DAO affiliate programs.

CDN providers

Who want to significantly expand their bandwidth without any additional investment and without the need to increase their centralised infrastructure.

DApps developers and Web 3.0 enthusiasts

Who clearly see the concept of fully decentralised analogs of YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, etc., knowing full well that heavy content (video, audio, photo) and communications between users form the basis of these services and that Ace Stream DAO has the necessary technological capabilities for such an implementation.


Who want to gain access to unique multi-million audience with the ability to place ads in the most effective ad formats and be 100% sure that ad impressions will not cause a negative effect.

Investors and traders

Understanding the limitations of the centralised technologies and the relevance of a solution covering a 100-fold shortage of Internet bandwidth to meet the real needs of Internet users and the media market as a whole.

Who prefers to invest in already working solutions and existing projects with a long history of development.

Who cares about the absence of technological risks related to the implementation of the products indicated in the project and their functionality

For whom it will be a significant indicator that there are 30 million active Internet users and about 50 thousand new installations of Ace Stream software per day (applications for desktop, mobile, STB, browser extensions) for which not a single cent was spent (only organic growth, without any marketing/advertising costs and without any financial incentives for users).

Who considers it absolutely real that the Network will achieve the figure of 100 million users after the launch of the second stage of the project (called "Ace Stream DAO") and having carefully studied the basic products, utilities and services of the project will be able to predict the capitalisation of the Network's assets and their final cost, based on the fact of reaching this figure.

Who will be able to appreciate the uniqueness and value of the Network tokens, along with the attractiveness of the DeFi programs of Ace Stream DAO.