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Basic settings

System settings that define system's econo,y and system smart contracts' behaviour, like traffic fees, lists of oracles used to validate content proprietors, etc.

Basic settings are stored in the main blockchain (in ledgerHeader).

Change of basic settings can only be performed by the network's governance procedures, for example, by voting of Ace Stream Token (AST) owners.

Список настроек


Network's commission taken from traffic fees Current value: 10%


Network's commission taken from broadcaster's charges made in premium pool Current value: 30%


Ace Stream Foundation's stake in Ace Asset token distribution. Current value: 30%


Network's stake in content access payments in the premium pool Current value: 30%


System premium pool settings, TBD in separate document


Minimal depositing term for AST to participate in Ace Asset. Current value: 1209600 seconds (14 days)


Maximum amount of traffic units that could be borrowed by the account Current value: 10240 (10 GByte)

List of oracles that have rights to identify copyright holders


One-time fee to link new node to the account Current value: 0.1 XAB


Voting is the self-governance procedure that specifies how Ace Stream Token (AST) holders can change the network. For now voting is expected to get done by third party voting system, decisions made by AST owners should be implemented by validators as part of system upgrade process. In future integral voting subsystem should be integrated in Ace Network directly.